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Are you looking for the ideal environment to store your goods? Do you care about the excellent technical equipment and security of the premises, as well as the professional approach of our experienced staff? At INEX LOGISTICS warehouses we are ready for you. Get your business moving today!

Wide range of services

Find the perfect place to store your goods! There are 3,000 pallet positions in 4 different buildings to choose from. We can ensure ideal storage conditions (temperature, humidity) for your goods with regular monitoring of the measured values as well as the required storage system FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (last in first out) and others. We handle goods via 7 terminals with rear unloading. 

We use state-of-the-art Toyota and Nissan equipment, which is subject to rigorous regular inspections. Our reliable team-mates include:

  • electric forklift stacker - Retrak
  • front electric forklift
  • electric manually operated forklift and low lift truck

Thanks to the SAP information system, we are in close contact with our customers at all times. This makes it easy for us to adjust the stock record keeping or suggest other changes to suit their current needs. We protect your goods using an innovative camera system. We regularly evaluate our records. All our storage facilities are also connected to a centralised protection control panel (CPCP) including fire alarms. And if something should happen to your goods with us, we are insured for that. You have nothing to worry about.

We can take great care of your goods

Sounds exaggerated? Take a look at the scale of the operations our skilled employees manage:

  • operation of the distribution centre and bonded warehouse
  • storage and routine handling (inbound/outbound)
  • quality control
  • electronic stock records
  • sorting, pallet assembly, bundling and sorting of shipments
  • goods marking
  • labelling, tagging, packaging of goods and wrapping goods in plastic film
  • transport of goods throughout the Czech Republic and abroad
  • rental of storage space

It's a lot, isn't it? If you are considering using logistics services and storing goods in INEX LOGISTICS buildings, our service packages will make it easier for you. Which one will you choose?

Start pack

With the Start Pack, you'll have a comprehensive overview of your goods right from the start of your business. You will find out how goods can be received, recorded, stored and, last but not least, released. Be ready to turbo charge your business. 

No more surprises with the Start Pack option.  

Easy pack

Get goods that have pizzazz! Our skilled staff will wrap your goods in attractive packaging that is guaranteed to please your clients. The Easy Pack price will of course include all the services of the Start Pack plus the assembly and unpacking of your goods. Use the Easy Pack option from an experienced and thorough supplier.

Standard pack

Receipt of goods, their inspection, labelling, record keeping, storage, sorting and assembly and, last but not least, release. In short, warehouse logistics with everything the Standard Pack provides is a very popular choice for our satisfied clients. Your goods will also be pampered with us and will be delivered to clients in the twinkling of an eye.

Premium pack

Did you perhaps find something missing from the Standard Package? Will you also use a bonded warehouse? The Premium Pack is a complete service related to the storage and logistics of your goods and materials, including transport to clients and all documentation. Take advantage of the Premium Pack service and focus your full concentration “solely” on your business! 

Do none of these options seem appropriate? That's not a problem at all! 

We approach all of our clients individually and always find the optimal solution,. Contact us. I'm sure we can work something out together. 

Are you interested in storing goods in INEX LOGISTICS warehouses?

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Yaroslav Stolbukha
Logistics Manager

E-mail: stolbukha@inexlogistics.cz
Mobile: +420 778 733 880